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Everybody needs to decompress a little at the end of the work week.  Right?  What better way than by listening to the master decompressor…um…er himself.  Mr. Frank Zappa!!

Wow, that was bad even for me.  As with many other great things in life, I became a lifelong Frank Zappa fan after his passing.  But when you discover artists such as Mr. Zappa, it tends to have a profound affect on your outlook.  Being slightly schizoid music listener that I am, I get to “rediscover” Zappa’s music every few years.  I collected some live shows via trades over the last few years, and hope to share those with you in this (irr)regular feature.  So without any further cheese:

Frank Zappa And The Mother Of Invention March 08, 1974 Kansas City, KS

fz 1974-03-08 – Andy

fz 1974-03-08 – Florentine Pogen

fz 1974-03-08 – Kung Fu

fz 1974-03-08 – Penguin In Bondage

Check out this Frank album from roughly the same time period to get more of this great version of the Mothers: Unmitigated Audacity

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