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It Came From Myspace

May 20th, 2008

Despite most people’s love/hate relationship with it, Myspace is still one of the best resources for finding independent unsigned musicians. That being said the following disclaimer is for the sake of saving what little street cred I have with the (very) few regular readers that visit the Lounge.

The artists I cover in this (hopefully) regular feature are not professional recording artists. However, this is only reflected in the quality of their recordings, and not in their level of musicianship. In other words, don’t expect archival quality recordings from musicians operating on a shoestring budget. End disclaimer.

BOHO is a band of young musicians from the small North Carolina mountain community of Mills River. Zack Harding leads the band on guitar and vocals with his half brother Wayne Redden (who is only 14!!) backing him up on drums. Joe Bellamy is the one laying down those catchy bass lines. They could be labeled as a southern rock band with some new rock influences. Their description of themselves probably says it best:

…definitely a rock band, they enjoy the occasional jam and improvisation, they embrace their Southeastern heritage with traces of southern sound, and their musical influences span from the 50’s all the way into the (new millennium). A large portion of their repertoire is original with those tunes being the focus of their output. Original songs ranging from southern-rock stompers to jammed-out ten minute psychedelic-funk romps to straight ahead acoustic singer/songwriter type pieces. They can also play a great deal of cover tunes with a large emphasis on classic rock and a few soul/funk songs.”

Yes, you are correct. The vocals are bad. But, the level of musicianship these guys display rises above that. Just listen to the blistering riffs and tempo changes in Tragedy’s Baby. Heavy Reprise really showcases the groups musicianship opening with a funky bass line and ending with a killer riff reminiscent of AC/DC. I think Glory Hole could be a internet hit with it’s seedy premise and dirty intentions. Apparently somebody else has noticed these guys because they have garnered several gigs around Hendersonville.

With some vocal polishing and some confidence under their belts, you will be hearing more from these guys. What do you think? Feel free to share your constructive opinion in the comments section.

BOHO – Heavy Reprise

BOHO – Tragedy’s Baby

BOHO – Glory Hole

BOHO – Proving Grounds

BOHO – Face Of A Million The Same


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