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Robert Reed (aka Rob Wilcox) is a true renaissance man for the 21st century. A professional level skateboarder riding for Guapo Skateboards by day. A lyricist and driving force behind his band, Day Blues, by night. Formed by Rob and Ben Mcallister in 2002, Day Blues features intelligent and honest lyrics.

Rob raps what he knows. And it works damn good. These songs haven’t left my playlist all year, and I don’t think they’ll be leaving any time soon.

Here are two songs from Day Blues debut album, The Album. Buy it now at cdbaby or your very own favorite online retailer.

Day Blues – Expensive Wisdom

Day Blues – City Life

Rob is a prolific writer and has been working on tunes for a new album. Check them out over at myspace.

Here’s a video of Rob’s skills on a board:

One more:

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