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A Night In The Box – Let Me Know

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for.  Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you the Best Music You Never Heard in 2008!

A Night In The Box hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  When they aren’t re-defining the genre of rockin honkey funkgrass, they are busy giving Abe Lincoln help with the finer points of trombone playing.

But seriously, there have been alot of bands this year who have attempted to make it playing music that is similar to A Night In The Box.  In fact, there are those bands who have made it playing music similar to A Night In The Box.  But they aren’t this good.

In my opinion, this is the best music of 2008.

But like so many other great bands out their, the blogging world has generally overlooked these guys.  So don’t let it happen again!  Buy the album, spread the word, and look out 2009.

Like so many good albums, one song doesn’t really do the whole album justice.  You really need to buy the whole thing to fully appreciate how talented these guys are.

Buy The Album – Write A Letter

A Night In The Box – Let Me Know

A Night In The Box – Fiddle Foot Jones


And a little video to seal the deal:

PS – Drop these guys a line and tell them to play in NC pronto.  Tell them Shinjak sent you.

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