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It’s finally time to shut the doors on the Listening Lounge.  It was fun while it lasted.  It started off as being lots of fun.  But there is one thing  that I had to find out the hard way:  There is a lot of music being made out there.  Some of it is genius and at the forefront of a true modern musical revolution.  However, some of it is pure crap.  I have reviewed both on this blog, but the guilty shall remain nameless.

And therein lies the problem.  I honestly don’t have time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the golden eggs from the rotten ones,  the sinkers from the floaters.  Therefore, Shinjak’s Listening Lounge will be closing indefinitely.  I will always treasure the artists who have made this blog possible and inspired me over the last two years (hint: see below).    Thanks for stopping by and make sure the music never stops.

Here is my original goodbye message started over a year ago:

Well kids, I have done it.  I have achieved what I set out to do 1.5 years ago when the doors to the lounge first opened.  I have found my new favorite music and I have shared it with the world.  My favorite new favorite bands haven’t changed a whole lot since I first discovered them.  The National still sees daily rotation in my playlists.  Since discovering them shortly before the relese of Alligator, this was the first band to change my opinion of indie rock.  This band’s pretentiousness stems from their raw talent, not leftover teenage angst.  The Everybodyfields changed my opinion of the alt-country / americana movement.  Seeing them live (a few weeks prior to their current hiatus) changed my opinion of what a live show could be.  Country music is dead.   The Everybodyfields are the new country music.  Death to country-pop radio.  Long live the new country!

I have also achieved some unexpected collateral benefits from starting this blog, and that is meeting and being befriended by the musicians themselves.  The guys from Bucktown Kickback have to be one of the kindest groups of individuals in music today.  They know that their fans are the life blood of the group.  Knowing your fans by first name probably means they will buy your next album (and maybe their friends who are impressed by this will too).  Many emails were also traded with Mr. K of Mr. K And The Famous.  I also got to chat with one of the top truly independent Irish bands, The Delorentos.  Good times all around.

I originally began writing this way back in March.  My intentions then were to announce the closing of the Listening Lounge.  I started looking at things again in May, and changed my mind to keep on kicking the old dead horse around here.

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