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Best of 2007 Mix Tape

January 15th, 2008

I’m thinking this is more of what I had in mind for the previous post.

Here are the songs that were replayed for days, weeks, and yes even months on my mp3 player during that bygone year of 2007. Yes, I realize that all of these songs were not released in 2o07. But to dwell on that would be to miss some of the great songs that possessed my soul at some point in 2007. Enjoy!

The Hold Steady – Let’s start off the list with a surprise. The surprise being that I actually like this band. The Hold Steady is like a 21st century version of Smash Mouth that actually rocks. And this song is the one by THS that got replayed the most in 2o007:

The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy
From: Boys and Girls In America – Buy MP3 at


Stephen Simmons – Here’s another guy that I discovered through Tammy at Moonstruck Promotions. Stephen Simmons is one of those singer/songwriter types who has received critical acclaim, and definitely deserves to be a household name. Fortunately for us, he has stayed true to his music and hasn’t sold his soul to the Nashville types who would cram him into their cookie cutter molds. Who needs another Toby Traceatim Straitumchesney anyway?

Stephen Simmons – Betty I’m Married from the album Last Call released in 2006 which you can buy here.

Here are some more great albums from Stephen Simmons:

STEPHEN SIMMONS: Drink Ring Jesus (remix) STEPHEN SIMMONS: The Superstore STEPHEN SIMMONS: Drink Ring Jesus


Jerry Jeff Walker - I’m cheating a little bit on this one. But this song is fun to sing along to. Go ahead, try it. You’ll like it!

Jerry Jeff Walker – Navajo Rug – November 12, 1990 Minneapolis, MN

If you are good boys and girls, maybe I’ll post this whole show at a later date. Or maybe not?

The Gougers (fka The Sidehill Gougers) – The Gougers are a hot little Texas band that needs to come to the WNC to play! When I first heard the Train song, I was blown away. You will be too. Unfortunately, the Gougers acoustic endeavors have not captured my attention as much as this tune. But their latest release showcases the group’s songwriting skills.

The Gougers – Train Song (aka Boxcar Full Of Heartache)

Support the band and buy their newest release, A Long Day For The Weathervane:

THE GOUGERS: A Long Day for the Weathervane THE GOUGERS: Bootlegs, Vol. 1

Hundred Year Flood – I have a message for the great state of Texas that I must deliver: Quit hogging all of your musicians and let them out of the state at least once a year! People all over WNC could be boogieing to this song if you would play fair and just share! Thank you.

Hundred Year Flood – Kingdom of Cold from Blue Angel


The Bees / A Band of Bees - How did an entire year go by without me hearing this song? How do I not remember a blasted thing about eighth grade? Will somebody get Robert Stack on the horn, we’ve got a mystery on our hands. He’s dead? Huh?

A Band Of Bees – These Are The Ghosts from the album Octopus


Of course my favorite bands of the year were on constant replay. I’m surprised my mp3 player didn’t start singing “All the Wine” during the night on November 3rd. Here are the winners for the most played tunes of the year (scientifically tabulated of course) which have already been featured elsewhere on the Lounge:

The National – All The Wine, Ada, You’ve Done It Again Virginia
The Everybodyfields – Don’t Turn Around, Everything’s Okay
Bucktown Kickback – Valley, A Shooting Star

Shinjak’s Listening Lounge 2007 Mixtape zipfile

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