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2008 Extra Baggage Mixtape

March 14th, 2008

I really hate to call this conglomeration of tunes a “mixtape”, because there is no coherent theme. Other than it’s pretty good stuff that I don’t have time to post about. Most of it (but not all) was garnered from the bowels of, a great source of eclectic indie music. I tried to sort through the stuff that I “borrowed” from other blogs and eliminate it, but some of it was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, not all creators of mp3′s are as anal about creating tags as I am. So some of these tags may not read correctly in your mp3 player of choice. Enjoy!

The Black KeysGirl Is On My Mind

Wooden ShjipsLucy’s Ride

The National LightsO, Ohio

Black Sheep – Similak Child (yes, I do listen to this and I do like it!)

10 Mile CrossingKnob Creek

Hoax FuneralForest Road Two

Sol Driven TrainSleeping People (more about these guys to come in the near future)

Stevie TombstoneHighway’s Made To Run

Clash of InfluenceAlong For The Ride

Mice And RiflesCarefree Americans (A random download that was a very pleasant surprise!)

Kellie RuckerTake Me As I Am

Zac Brown BandWhatever It Is (amazing how a song posted a year and a half ago could max out my bandwidth over a year later.  Congrats to the success of the Zac Brown Band!)

Grinnin Barrett BandHouse Up Ahead (Who new that New Hampshire could boogey?)

Nathan DavisCarolina Sky (Brilliant North Carolina songwriter whose life ended tragically.)



ZeggSend Your Blue Skies

Download the entire 2008 Extra Baggage Mixtape in one convenient zip file

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