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Originality is a hot commodity in the music industry today. Indie music attempts to define it. Jam bands create it on the spot. Pop music steals it, regurgitates it and sells it for their own. So when our senses experience something truly original, we immediately try to relate it to the familiar.

Mr. K and the Famous are a group of guys from everywhere that just so happen to call Durham, NC home. There sound has been described as “mystical -surf”, and “Manchester style blues”. But this writer prefers to make his own pigeon holes. They have the tight precise jams and dime-tight changes of Umphrey’s McGee, the seamless entering and exiting of that deep groove reminiscent of early Widespread Panic, and the earthy bluesy get-down-and-boogey funkiness of Canned Heat (quite a leap eh?).

Originality indeed.

Needless to say if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands (or even if you aren’t), my promise to you is this: You are going to love Mr. K and the Famous.

The band consists of Mr. K himself, Mike Kalna, providing the melodic vehicle via lead vocals and guitar. Tyler Harrington lays down the funk with his trusty bass guitar. James Wynn rounds out the rhythm section, blazing a trail with his tight-as-hell drumming. The occasional soulful backup singers help give street cred to the bands bluesy sound.

With a self produced album under their belts, and a faithful following in the Durham area, Mr. K and the Famous have achieved moderate local success. But the size of their talent can’t be contained in the confines of the Triangle Area for long.

This is where you, the faithful Lounge Listener, can do your part to help a local band out. Tell your friends about Mr. K and share an mp3 with them. Then go to your favorite dive and tell them you request, no, demand to see this band! Then drop by your local hip indie record store (online sales coming soon) and buy their album.

Any of you promoter types with connections (and I know you’re out there) head to the band’s webpage and drop them a line. Tell them the Lounge sent ya.

Here are some samples of the band live:

Mr. K And The Famous – Hearteaters

Mr. K And The Famous – Ode To An Old Wall

Mr. K And The Famous – Hibou

Because I couldn’t decide on which live tracks to feature here, here is the whole live album in streaming audio:

Alive In A Dime Museum (Streaming Audio)

Here are some tracks from the album Junktion:

Mr. K And The Famous – Wedding Dress Town

Mr. K And The Famous – Junk Man’s Itch

Mr. K And The Famous – Blind Man On The Bus


PS Guy+Darth Vader Mask+Prom Dress=Greatest album cover ever!

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