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THE GOUGERS: A Long Day for the Weathervane

Texas based band The Gougers is making their latest album, A Long Day for the Weathervane, available as a free download for the entire summer! All you have to do is head over to , put in your info and the emails of three friends, and the download link will be sent to you.

The Gougers have been featured on the lounge before, but here are a couple of songs to whet your appetite:

The Gougers – It’ll Get Better

The Gougers – Riding In A Lincoln Contenental With Sylvia Plath




3 Responses to “Free Music From The Gougers”

  1. Nancy

    Stumbled across your blog by searching for music by The Everybodyfields and just wanted to say that rarely do I find a blog where I like/love almost every song posted. Your music’s great. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. shinjak

    Thanks Nancy. I’m glad somebody enjoys my slightly eclectic tastes. I’m digging up some more good stuff, so stay tuned! And please, help spread the word!

    The Everybodyfields really opened me up to the booming “scene” and to a lot of music in and out of that genre. I could talk about The Everybodyfields for awhile (I think “Don’t Turn Around” is one of the most brilliant, beautiful, brutally honest songs of this or any era) but I’ll spare you.

    Come back soon, and thanks for dropping by the Lounge.

  3. Julio Basch

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