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Done And Crossed The Line

June 10th, 2008

by GoShiva

Well, I finally did it. I finally got so fed up with blogger’s clunky interface and lack of customization that I jumped ship. Shinjak’s Listening Lounge is now powered by WordPress! This has allowed me to customize the site to my slightly OCD satisfaction. Let me know what you think of the new layout and theme in the comments section conveniently found below this post. I have also added Yahoo Media Player which allows all the songs to be played individually or as a playlist. I think this is an improvement over the delicious player script which I was previously using. Do you like the Yahoo Media Player better?

Also notice that I have removed the Google Adsense ads (which earned me a grand total of 58 cents in the last eight months). In it’s place I now have a paypal donation link at the bottom of the sidebar. Feel free to buy me a cup of hot coffee ($1) or a cold beer ($3).

I have listed some band resources in the sidebar. These are to help out all of you budding musicians who are looking to make the leap into the digital realm.

At the bottom of each post are convenient links for you to share my posts on all of your favorite social networking sites (including, digg, myspace, facebook, reddit, technorati, google bookmarks, etc.). I hope to add some links to the sidebar that will make it easier to follow the Lounge with your favorite RSS reader in the near future.

That’s all of the changes for now, enjoy!

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