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Tom Bombadil was always one of my favorite characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship Of The Ring. Even though the characater has been hotly debated by those with more time than me, I always thought of him as an enigmatic nature spirit who was in love with the concept of life. A cult of personality, minus the cult and the funny mustache. The real Neal Cassady of Middle Earth.

Bombadil is an enigmatic group of musicians who obviously love what they are doing. Their debut album, A Buzz, A Buzz, is a rollicking foray into the realm of genreless music, creating a fresh sound that is unique yet familiar and approachable at the same time.

Prior to reading the story behind the title character, the song Julian of Norwich instantly reminded me of Traffic’s classic tune John Barleycorn Must Die. Even though the tempo and tunes are totally different, the overall feel of the songs are the same. In the same vein, Johnny conjured up images of the Beatles’ Rocky Raccoon.

That is the magic of the folk singer. They take something that is familiar and make it their own. This is displayed especially well in the title track, arguably the best track on the disc, which brings all of these layers of sound into a song that is uniquely Bombadil.

Bombadil is keeping themselves busy by playing everywhere they can. Which means they are probably playing a show near you sometime in the next six months. Here’s June’s schedule:

06.10.08 – Olympic Club Hotel and Theater – Centralia, WA
06.12.08 – Kennedy School – Portland, OR
06.13.08 – Grand Lodge – Forest Grove, OR
06.15.08 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN
06.19.08 – Privet Party – Durham, NC
06.20.08 – Snug Harbor – Charlotte, NC
06.21.08 – Summer on Trade Street – Winston-Salem, NC
06.26.08 – The Soapbox – Wilmington, NC
06.27.08 – Private Party – Boone, NC

Bombadil – Julian of Norwich

Bombadil – Johnny

For egocentric fun in proving I’m right/f’in crazy:

Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die

Beatles – Rocky Raccoon (Demo Version)



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