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While people from all over are gearing up to visit a slightly larger music festival this weekend, folks in the town of Tryon, NC are getting ready for their own brand of festival.

Celebrating it’s fifteenth year, the Blue Ridge BBQ & Music Festival draws in cooking teams from across the nation to compete for the title of North Carolina Barbecue Champion. The festival also has a crafts fair, kiddie rides, and fireworks both nights. But what’s a party like this without music?

The festival is drawing in some several local and national artists including The Waybacks & The Zycdeco Playboys. Also playing will be the Lounge faves, Bucktown Kickback. Click Here for the complete lineup.

While there are some familiar names playing the festival, there were also some band I had never heard that ended up being pleasant surprises. Here’s a sample:

Jon ShainGive My Regards To Brother Ray

JON SHAIN: No Tag, No Tail LightJON SHAIN: Army Jacket Winter

The Waybacks – These are excerpts from a set the Waybacks did (with John Cowan on lead vocals) at Merlefest this year in which Led Zeppelin II was covered in it’s entirety. Thanks to music blogger False 45th for discovering this (which can be found in it’s entirety here).


Living Loving Maid

THE WAYBACKS: Burger After ChurchTHE WAYBACKS: DevolverTHE WAYBACKS: From The Pasture To The FutureTHE WAYBACKS: Way Live

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