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First lets clear up something.  I’m not a bluegrass fan.  I can tolerate it in small doses occassionally.  But to listen to it for extended periods of time gets my rubber bands in a knot.  However, I am a fan of free community supported music celebrations featuring artists performing original music. (Organizers of Hickory’s Oktoberfest please take note.)  Being the only festival of this type in the Unifour area, I’m going to be covering each day’s activities and music line up and showcase one artist from each of the four days.
So much for good intentions.

In it’s fifth year, the Red White And Bluegrass Festival is a four day event presented by the Morganton Parks & Recreation Department featuring free concerts, music vendors, instrument vendors, food, fireworks, and all the good things associated with a hometown fourth of July festival.

The lineup this year is pretty impressive with a good mix of local, regional, and national recording acts.  While all of the bands feature pretty traditional bluegrass fare, some of the bands rise above the rest in their mastery of the art form.  Here is the linup for Tuesday, July 1st:

Tuesday July 1st:

2:30pm Bruce Moody
3:30pm Strictly Clean And Decent
4:45pm Jeanette Williams Band
6:00pm Walkin’ Home
7:15pm Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
8:30pm Grasstowne
9:45pm Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers

Apparently, not many bluegrass artisits have made the full fledged jump into online sales yet.  That being said, mp3 samples are few and far between for most of these artisists.  In some cases, a myspace link will have to suffice to satisfy your ears.

Grasstowne (playing tonight at 8:30pm, so hurry up and get ready!) is up first.  Hailing from Knoxville, TN Grasstowne is a relatively new band comprised of three bluegrass veterans combined with two talented newcomers.  2008 saw the band receiving a SPBGMA award for album of the year for their debut effort, The Road Headin Home.  Here is a clip of Grasstowne playing at the 2007 IBMA awards:



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