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Apparently I spoke too soon.  My permalinks and archives are broken.  It doesn’t really effect the front page, but it really screws with search page ranking and possibly the rss feed.  If anybody has any ideas about how to fix this, I’m open to suggestions.  It seems to happen when I switch the site over to a subdomain ( as opposed to which works fine).  Apply in the comments section.

EDIT:  Fixed it baby, yeah!  I love google.  Thanks for stopping by.

EDIT Part Dos: Apparently all of my pictures from before June of this year are gone.  But I think I can keep on living without those.  Can you?  Good.  Oh, and the songs from before June are gone too.  What’s that?  The sound of a thousand mp3 leechers screaming, that’s what it is. Fare the well, I say.

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